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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out April 2nd: Ranch Hands

Coming April 2nd!

The tale of Sid the farmer, who's been wronged in every way.
His own father racked up an exorbitant gambling debt and put the farm in jeopardy, then died before he could work it off.
Then single Sid, left to work 200 acres alone hired a boarder who stole far more from him than just his heart. He took off and hasn't been seen since!

Now...the situation is dire. Sid must either pay the mortgage, or go into a new line of work. He needs help.

Enter Roger. A young, strong man who is willing to work for no pay and help the struggling farmer survive.

Sid begrudingly accepts and swallows his pride, but they aren't exactly a match made in heaven; in fact, Roger is hiding his own secrets.

When the crops are in, will Roger stay on or will Sid's pride take a backseat again? What will have been harvested from the seeds he'd sown?

Available soon in e-book and paperback.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a great story - I love farmer stories....