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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello, everyone! How is your March coming along?

Mine has improved quite a bit since I began working again, yay! It's nice to have a bit of the green stuff again...thought I don't get paid for over a week yet; it'll be sweet when it begins again.

Another victory; passed a horrifically difficult accounting course at last! I finish my second full semester of being a grad student at the end of this month! Can't believe how quickly time flies!

As for green...there is the wearin' of the green! For all those who are Irish, or even just love green beer or leprechauns...St. Patrick's Day is nearly here...week from Friday! I am happily 1/4 Irish, and let it show with my Irish flag, and perhaps a sip of something greenish that day...maybe tea? LOL

Last but not least...T-minus 16 days until my new book "Life After Math" hits the virtual shelves at Silver Publishing, (and all of their affiliates)! So excited!!!

Also, more sequels are on the way (May 26th is "Refugees", the sequel to the drama-rich "For the Heart of Phillip"....picking up where it left off...I'm getting the cover done now, and it's looking hot!

My Ranchers will be back in August and again in November...don't worry folks, they ain't gone for good!

That's it for now...until next time!

S. L. Danielson

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