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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taking a breather...

Things have been a little bit haywire for me lately; between new contracts, editing, etc. schoolwork (which makes sense 50% of the time) and this new-ish job....not much time left for fun.

Well, that's gonna change a bit. This weekend is nuts, but after that I hope things get back into a good, steady rhythm of just doing homework on the good weekday night when it's quiet and goto work, do my 8 and hit the highway.

My next book release is on May 26th, Refugees, aka the sequel to For the Heart of Phillip....and after that, Ranch Hands returns! Riding into town on a tractor I'm sure! LOL I can't wait for that..we've yet to do the cover, yet all of the edits are done!

Goodreads traffic has really picked up and I love all the feedback! I'm even getting a chance to do some 'leisure' reading again! Now that's really nice...even if it's at 5 am and I read til 630! If I'm into a story, then I'll not want to turn off the screen!

I will have more blog guests coming...I hope you come by and leave a comments!

Have a great holiday weekend and see you soon!


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