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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rave review already for Refugees....from Ryan Field!

Ryan Field

Home again. Getting ready to write a blurb for one of my favorite authors, S.L. Danielson for the work, "The Refugees." Loved reading this to the point where I hated to see it end.

I've come to enjoy certain aspects of S.L Danielson's work, which includes the way she treats family situations in her fiction, the way she freely refers to long term gay relationships as marriages, and the way she makes gay life look so effortless and yet complicated at certain times. It's the kind of positive, well written escapism I love when I'm reading a romance. And “Refugees” didn't disappoint me. It's is a structured inter-mingling of gay men and their relationships, with details about their careers, their lives, and their inner-most thoughts. It's life. And I think it's the kind of lgbt fiction that not only offers positive role models without working too hard to get the point across, but is also making it's mark as an overall social statement in an ever-changing world. I read The Refugees in one sitting but I have a feeling the characters, especially David, are going to remain with me for a very long time.

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