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Friday, December 6, 2013

Update on my sweet baby boy....

This is my baby boy...Jack.

We went to the vet yesterday and his glucose is down to 268! (a 50% drop so far) and after not even 3 weeks on insulin. We'll need to learn how to test him at home (in the ear! ouch!) but he did great with them doing it.

Also good is that his weight has come up a little from 13 lbs to 14. He lost too much and the fact that he's gained, his coat is shinier, eyes bright, and he looks healthier and happier.

The only worry now is his back paws. He's walking a little wobbly still, but that's due to some nerve damage, but now that he's below 300, it will start to heal :)

I thank everyone for their advice and prayers and well wishes! This has not been easy and it's something we'll likely have to deal with for the rest of his life (he's only 9).

More updates soon (esp if the best news...remission) happens!



  1. It is great that Jack is doing better, I have been blessed that my little one "Squishy" has stayed healthy since I rescued him as an abandoned new born kitten in Kansas City till now 10 years latter in Largo FL

  2. It's a relief for us, for sure! Scared us to death 3 weeks ago...

    Awww, Squishy? How cute! I hope he stays happy and healthy for many years to come :)