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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inching ever closer....

I have two books almost 'ready' to come out...all I need on one is the proofreading finished and the other just needs a cover. All I need for the cover is $$$....unless someone can inspire me to sit down and draw one!

As for real life, I spend almost every waking moment at a computer. 8 hours at work, then I come home and do either homework OR courses for a new certification I'm pursuing (that'll hopefully garner me a permanent job)! Oh yes, then there's writing and games (naturally) :)

Got some free promo yesterday, my books Lust in London was shown on Keta Diablo's site front page on yahoo groups and on her blogsite...the stuff of myth and men...Thank you, Keta!!! I look forward to a review being done on my latest work "Ranch Hands Reharvested"!

Until next time...Steph

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