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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's new in my world...

Wow, whatta life. I'm in school, work full-time, in a scrawny and hideous apartment (want a house VERY badly,) and want to pursue a new career outside of the one I just got a degree for. fun,huh? then there's two insane cats and oh yes, the husband. he's a good guy, he can't work, so he stays home and does all that revolting domestic stuff I though, i did cook tonight; not too bad. pasta is always easy :)
we have such huge dreams and it feels like everything is holding us back; no money, one car, and kinda "stuck" with everything. anyone else feeling this way? I'm sure in this recession, a lot of folks are...not just us. we're becoming the 'norm'...spooky in itself!


  1. Oh my, I almost totally mirror that paragraph up there. Except I SHOULD be working on another degree. Spooky.