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Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming in early 2012....

After 20 years of writing, transcribing, writer's block, and waiting...I draw closer to finally publishing the words of my youth; rather, the characters from that time.

If everything goes well, then the stories from my 'first' novel about a town named New Malin and her dozens of residents will be seen starting in January, 2012.

I started this 'town' when I was 13 years old and stopped when the year turned 2006. (in my 30's) it's height it had swelled to 200 characters, and countless hours spent writing and drawing out stories. It dominated my teen and young adult years until I met my husband in 1997...then slowed a bit.

The core family is a large one, a widowed mother and her seven children; six of whom are adults. The eldest male, named Adam, is the newly-elected mayor of the town, taking the position vacated by his father's untimely death. He is newly married, with a child on the way, but his heart is not solely devoted to her (or women)....

A tall, handsome stranger named Mike enters the town from a neighboring village and introduces himself to the Mayor. The sparks are subtle at first, but are too real to be denied. (despite efforts on both their parts).

The tale evolves from these humble beginnings....

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