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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chugging along...

The formation of my own company is chugging along at a snails' pace, a snail that's stuck in molasses when its 30 degrees out. (for non-mountain folk...that's SLOW).

The process itself appears quite simple, but it is misleadingly so. After spending over $40 on postage to let my neighbors know I'm starting a HOME business (which is overkill to me, but I abide by the law) I await a meeting, then to actually file for the license itself.

That's the somewhat easy part...the hard parts are to put together a legal and bindable contract for my new authors, and to find a website provider. Any suggestions on these would be most welcome.

In the meantime, work is boring as ever, but I believe it will end around hitting the job hunt trail very hard at that point. Searching for a job is ridiculous in itself; and very, very hard.

Other than that, got to see my family this weekend; albeit for a brief time. It was nice though! I will see them on Friday evening, have to shoot pool sometime! :)

Summer is winding down at last, and despite the temperatures...I am feeling it, esp in my commute. Traffic volume nearly doubled last Monday...I guess a lot of districts opened their doors at that time...I surely saw it. Not a fan of driving, traffic, parking, the lot. I'd rather beam into work...never be late again.

Almost time for bed here...another enthralling week of mind-numbing work just for $$$, then to come home and work on my passion...writing. (after studying for my exam, that is.)

Good night!!


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