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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Relief at last...

Hello all! Well...the heat has finally broken (no longer at the century mark)....but it's still hot on the ranch at Sid and Roger's in Ranch Hands...the new cover has made a huge difference, and I'm thrilled to death it's back on the was missed by everyone!
Speaking of Sid, Roger, and let's not forget Jerry...the sequel is coming later this year. Jerry struck me so much he needed his own story....with all the complications I add in just for him. :)

My company is coming together in bits and pieces...I have yet to mail our P & Z items, but have my tax and state items together. It's a slow process....still need website and contract too...Suggestions are VERY welcome!

In other bud Julie Hayes and I just subbed our 1st part of a book we named "Finding His Mark" to Silver! Wish us luck! We're already on book #2!

And last but not My Fair Vampire which comes out from Silver in October. Can't wait for you to meet William and Misha and read their adventure based at the time of the St Louis Worlds Fair in 1904!