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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hello! My life has been full of decision-making of late. At work, I make small ones every day; as I work in the accounting field, but must disseminate tiny numbers and see if it all adds up.

Then there is writing, and schoolwork...big decision to be made as to which to pursue. (grins); but I have deadlines on both; which add to the lovely pressure.

Otherwise, there is the company business, and an odd question to ask... I've noticed that m/f material does not move nearly as much as the m/m material, and I have to ponder, why is that?

Is it because I am known as a m/m author myself? It's possible.

Is it because I don't know many groups that carry 'mainstream' material? Perhaps.

This is the quandry that faces me now. I have submissions waiting; and they are both m/f.

I want to believe that every book will sell, based on the story. I accept great stories (I wouldn't if I hated them)... but that's beside the point.

Is the readership based solely on gender? I know my hubby doesn't come near my works; because it is m/m, yet my own father was able to handle reading it, because he loved the way I told the story.

So, what's the approach to take, you think? Find new groups that handle more mainstream works, or not accept and do m/m only?

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  1. You know, I think it has to do with not having places to market. I mean, yeah, there are blogs and goodreads groups for mainstream romance but the genre is so huge and widespread that there is no way that it could encompass everything that's coming out, even everything that's good.
    m/m romance has more compact group and more like a family.

    I see a lot of new m/f romance that is never even added on goodreads. Good stuff that people should read. Kinda sad.