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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Release! Aftermath...Southern Comfort #3

Available at:


In the aftermath of the Homecoming Dance, a great rift has grown between Mark and Blake, one that was begun with the refusal of a dance. New alliances are strengthened and old ones reinforced. Mark makes his choice and moves out of the Davis home, back to George’s house… and Todd. Clay does his best to give Blake what he needs, even if it entails staying with Mark. Todd’s mother steps in to nurse George back to health, and that bond only deepens. Will Mark do what he just told Blake he couldn’t, and give Todd his ring? Will Clay show Blake that he’s the better man? And will new student Taylor Andrews throw a monkey wrench into Mark’s plans for Todd?

Who will survive the aftermath, and what will the new alliances be?


  1. When is the next book coming out? I need my fix. Is Blake going to find "the book", why am I feeling sorry for Todd and who do I like Mark or Clay. UGH!!!

    1. The next book should be out very soon, we're finishing up edits right now...stay tuned!