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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coming soon...Ice Fairy!

After over two years of being on the 'drawing board'; my story of a figure skater will come to life by January and I'm very excited to talk about it :)

Ice Fairy is the story of Sam (Samuru) Ogawa; a Japanese-American figure skater who has his eyes and dreams firmly set on Olympic gold.

Unfortunately, someone else's eyes are firmly set on him; those being Brett Zephyr, the hockey player with the irritating girlfriend and a push or shove for anyone else.

On a normal day at the rink, Sam and Brett's world collide, literally. Even though they are classmates; they've never spoken and have never been in the same circles. But things are all about to change when life takes a drastic, cutting turn for one of the boys.

Look for it soon (there will be a big announcement for sure)!

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