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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where do you....????

Find names for your characters? I've read loads of books and have always wondered where the names come from.

Are they family names? Television or movie inspired? Heritage-toned?

Mine are all of the above. Plus sometimes I seek help from either a baby name book or a particular heritage's website for genuine names. Or even religious/biblical names.

For example, in Ranch Hands, Sid is for Sidney, Austrailia. Roger was a coworker's name. Jerry is for Jerry Springer.

Another example is For the Heart of Phillip, Phillip with the 2 L's is uncommon, and that's why I liked it. Robert of course, Andrew, David...all biblical names and/or kings. I will often use royalty/biblical/family/heritage-driven names first over anything contemporary.

How about you? Do you follow the baby name trends and use their list or make up your own?


  1. I sometimes use family, usually for minor characters. The major characters usually tell me their names. In my first book I used my son's name Jon as the main character. Jon Ryder Galactic Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire. Since I never plan a story, (I have a beginning and an end, the rest just develops) As I encounter a new character I let them dictate their name.

    1. I love using family names too. That's a neat idea to have the main character tell you the names...

      I usually start out with the main two and the rest just 'happen' along the way :)