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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Three years of shots...

Hi all! An update on my baby boy, Jack.  He is still going strong after over three years after being diagnosed as diabetic.  So far he has endured two pancreatitis (mild) attacks (where he gets sick for two days and we have to give him pills for anti-nausea and one to stoke his appetite), and over 2,000 shots!!!! (one shot every 12 hours) and a move to another state.
Still...this little trooper keeps going strong.
He just turned 13 this year and we didn't know if he'd make it to 10. (sniff)!!!

I love you baby boy!!! You are mama's 20-lb angel 💖💖💖


  1. I can't believe it's three years. We were in the middle of writing our Upstaged boys when he got sick. It's great to finally see him and that he's still well.

  2. I remember that well! The last part of 2013 was very rough but he is doing awesome ❤️❤️